Have you ever read a book that you knew would change you forever? I recently read a couple books by Jen Hatmaker . I’ll be honest, I had not heard much about her before I read the books. Maybe that’s a good thing, I don’t know. What I do know is that after reading Interrupted I was WRECKED. And reading her book 7:A Mutiny Against Excess I knew my life had to change. I have told many in my world that reading these books was the hardest, best thing. It is not a book to read and put back on the shelf and say, “Well, wasn’t that nice.” No. These book should prompt you to do something. They should wreck you… in a good way.

As I read… no devoured Interrupted, I knew. I knew that the words she wrote would profoundly impact me. I have guessed for some time that God was up to something in my life. Ever clueless, I had no idea what it would be. If we’re being honest, I still have no idea, but I am one small step closer.

In this book, Jen explains how God interrupted her pleasant little life and opened her eyes to a greater purpose. God made her see the hurting and hungry in her area in a whole new light. He challenged her with the call to care for the least of these. In reading the book, it begs to reason that we are all called to care for the orphans and widows, to fill the needs of the least.

The book 7:A Mutiny Against Excess is actually the first book I came across. However, being a stickler for book order, I realized that Interrupted was the prequel to 7, so I read that first. In 7, Jen is real and honest in her 7 month long fast of sorts. I laughed along with her, I cheered as she wore seven items for a month, I was convicted when she noted the items in her closet and home that were complete excess. It was a tough read. But when she took the month to pause seven times in a day to refocus and pray in that moment, I was in awe. I saw the beauty in her moments. Intentional about praying to God, the one who gives us life.

After reading the books, I knew. I knew that my life was lived in excess and for myself, not for others. I knew this before, but really didn’t do anything. I walked around my home and looked at my pretties sitting around that I paid money for knowing that there are those around me who struggle to clothe and feed their family. It hit me hard. But, even though I have stuff I do not need, even though my closet has items that hang season after season, even though there are times when I feel our debt load too much to bear, I knew I had to do something.

And I did do something. Even though financially I cannot feed the multitudes and I cannot clothe the nation, I found what I could do. Friends and I gathered gently used kids clothes, shoes, book bags, and lunch boxes. We hosted a Back to School giveaway and gave the items away to those who came. It was a beautiful day. The faces of those getting things needed for back to school were beautiful. We served Jesus in serving some of the least.

This. This is what I was made to do. I feel I was created to serve Jesus by helping others. What does that look like on a daily basis? I’m not sure, but I daily pray for direction. Maybe hopping back into bloggyland will help with that in some way. If not no other reason for me to put my thoughts down to help sort it all out.